Frequently Asked Questions

Are you part of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) or any other national group?
No. We are a local non-profit organization serving the Medina County community. We are not a chapter of the HSUS, and we do not receive support from this or any other national organization.

Do my taxes or United Way donations help pay for your services?
No. We do not receive any tax or United Way support. Our programs are supported by donations, grants and fees.

When I make a donation, where does my money go?
It stays locally! Donations help us provide programs and services to our community. We’re not part of any national organization, and we are not a government agency, so all funds received are appreciated.

Which programs and services are funded by donations?
All of them! We utilize unrestricted donations wherever our needs are greatest. They help us fund many programs and services such as medical care including spays & neuters, humane investigations, continuing education for our staff & volunteers and more.

Do you sell my personal information?
Never! Your personal information is not sold or exchanged with any other organization. We maintain standard physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that protect the confidentiality and security of non-public personal information.

Can I make a donation in honor of or in memory of a person or animal?
Yes. This is a great way to honor a special person or animal in your life. For example, we often receive donations in honor of a person’s birthday or wedding—just to name a few. Please inform us of the person or pet to be remembered or honored, including their address, and we’ll let them know of your special gift.

How will I know you have received my donation?
We will provide a thank you note acknowledging your support shortly after we receive your donation. This correspondence may be used for your tax records.

Can I donate at my place of business or through payroll deduction?
Most workplace campaigns or organized fundraising campaigns allow you to select the nonprofit organization of your choice.
Please check with your human resources department or campaign coordinator.

How can I make my donation go farther?
One way to stretch your support is through matching gifts from your employer. With every donation you make, you should check
with your employer to see if your company can match your gift. Some companies will match you dollar for dollar and others even
provide a 2:1 match!

Can I make a donation using a credit card?
Yes! You can donate by credit or debit card HERE