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WE DID IT! The Medina County SPCA relocated in December of 2015 to a 13 acre property with a state-of-the-art kennel on the premises. After a few upgrades, we brought all of our companion rescue animals to one site to provide a substantially healthier and happier environment for the abused, neglected and homeless animals we serve. We raised enough to buy the property, but we still need to improve a few areas and rebuild the barn for our rescue horses (currently at a rented barn on private property in Litchfield).  Please donate now!



A healthier environment for the animals: The new kennel has sanitary FRP panel surfaces (commonly used in hospitals), and separate HVAC and energy recovery ventilation systems for different rooms. This prevents the spread of airborne and surface germs, creating one of the healthiest shelter environments possible.

A less stressful environment for the animals: 

shelter new kennel
The shelter at the new property

The new kennel was designed with a floor plan and materials that reduce auditory stimuli. The smaller animal bedrooms will allow us to segregate the cat areas from the dog areas.


13 beautiful acres for our
rescue animals

The new space has over thirteen acres – plenty of room for all our animals. Our rescue horses will get just as much face time as the rest of our animals, so we’ll save money and give them better lives by adopting them faster.


The SPCA is a ray of hope in an abused animal’s life. Help us do better for all of our rescued animals.

Donate Now   Pledge   Pave the Way Bricks   Naming Opportunities