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It's really happening! The Medina County SPCA is relocating to a 13 acre property with a state-of-the-art kennel on the premises. With a few upgrades, we can bring all our rescue animals to one site and provide a substantially healthier and happier environment for the abused, neglected and homeless animals we serve. We raised enough to buy the property, but we still need to improve the driveway and parking and rebuild the barn for our rescue horses (currently at a rented barn on private property in Litchfield).  Please donate now!


Why move?

The Medina County SPCA has an annual intake of over 1300 abused, neglected and homeless animals. Our current shelter consists of a rented barn on private property and rented office space right next to railroad tracks. The trains that race along those tracks are right next to our outdoor kennels and often frighten our rescue dogs.

Our office space was intended to be a short-term facility until we could build a shelter designed to give high-quality care to animals in need. That short-term office lease has stretched into six years. It would cost over a million dollars to build the much-needed 4,000 square foot kennel on the few acres the county has leased to us for free. That ambition isn’t something we can realize in the foreseeable future.
On the road to the
new shelter



But we can do something better

We can purchase a ready-made shelter on a larger site for a fraction of the cost. This property is over 13 acres with a 4,000 foot state-of-the-art kennel (as well as a 2100 square foot residence that could be used as income-generating property or for our mission). We would need to rebuild the barn and improve the drive and parking lot at an estimated $110,000. In order to be fiscally responsible, we hope to raise an additional $140,000, which will provide three months of operating costs ($36,000/month) plus a $32,000 slush/repair fund.

Our goal for this capital campaign is to raise $575,000

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Five important reasons why we need your help to purchase a new facility for our rescue animals

The railroad tracks at the
current shelter



A healthier environment for the animals: Our current space has porous, cracked surfaces that are difficult to sanitize, and a single ventilation system that circulates air between rooms with sick animals and rooms with healthy animals. This increases the chance that diseases will spread from sick animals to healthy ones.

The new kennel has sanitary FRP panel surfaces (commonly used in hospitals), and separate HVAC and energy recovery ventilation systems for different rooms. This prevents the spread of airborne and surface germs, creating one of the healthiest shelter environments possible.

A less stressful environment for the animals: Our current space has significant noise stress from active train tracks and barking dogs, which carries throughout the shelter. Both noises are stressors for dogs and barking particularly stresses the cats. Not only does stress lower the immune system, making the animal more susceptible to disease, it also can have a negative impact on animal behavior.

shelter new kennel
The shelter at the new property



The new kennel was designed with a floor plan and materials that reduce auditory stimuli. The smaller animal bedrooms will allow us to segregate the cat areas from the dog areas.

All of our rescue animals will be in on location: Currently, our equines are housed on private property in Litchfield, while the rest of our animals are at the shelter in Medina. Many people who come to our shelter don’t realize we have horses as well as dogs and cats, and we can’t publicize the location of our barn or have an SPCA sign there because it’s private property.

13 beautiful acres for our
rescue animals



The new space has over thirteen acres – plenty of room for all our animals. Our rescue horses will get just as much face time as the rest of our animals, so we’ll save money and give them better lives by adopting them faster.

The new property offers more value for the investment: Our current shelter is an older rental that is inadequate as a kennel, expensive to heat and cool, offers limited space to exercise the dogs, and is too small to host big fundraisers or adoption events. It consists of 2,100 square feet of office space plus about 800 square feet of storage.

The new 13-acre space would be owned by SPCA, would save money on utilities, was developed especially for animal welfare, has hay fields we can utilize to feed our equines, boasts a two-acre fenced in area for dogs to play, has space for special events and room to expand our operation. It has over 4,000 square feet of indoor kennel space plus a 2,100 square foot residential building.

The SPCA is a ray of hope in an abused animal’s life. Help us do better for all of our rescued animals.

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